ID differs in Editor


when you have an element with the id e_0, the element will have first time you play the level in editor e_10, second time e_11, third time e_12 and so on.

If you play it packaged, it’ll have the correct ID e_0.

Tested it with a widget class.

It’s a very annoying bug, because some functions will only work correctly in the packaged game.


Hello ,

From what I have read in your post it sounds like you are using the Get Display Name node. If this is correct then the issue that you are describing is working as intended. Please note the description that is given for this node when you hover over it. I have placed a screen shot below for reference. I hope that this information helps.


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Thank you, yea you’re right. Is there an alternative to this method? Could not find anything.

My suggestion may vary depending on what exactly it is that you are wanting to accomplish. Could you create a new thread (for tracking purposes) detailing what it is exactly that you are trying to do and provide a link in a reply to this question?