ICVFX / Ndisplay & switchboard & multiuser

Hi, I am wondering if there is more information avaliable about how to run ndisplay and switchboard and a multiuser setup? I cant find any documentaqtion about how to set this up / server setup and so on.

I read somewhere that switchboard is taking over the launcher for ndisplay so it would be great to get more documentation.



4.26 documentation has Switchboard in it ! It explains how to set it up ^^

Switchboard Overview | Unreal Engine Documentation

I’m using 4.27 Preview 2 and unfortunately nDisplay crashes, maybe you’ll be more lucky !

Hi and thanks for the link! i have been reading through it and I cant see how you trigger the multi user server and connect the clients to it through switchboard. But I will have a read through it again just to make sure I havent missed anything.

using 4.27p2/p3/p4 cant run ndisplay in swtichboard