ICU (Game) UE4 Integration/Programming

Project Title:

ICU is a VR escape room game exploring mental health care facilities in the USA. As an involuntarily admitted patient to a psychiatric ward, the player must navigate doctors, nurses, drugs, and other patients with only one goal in mind: get out of the hospital. Players explore the hospital and talk to a variety of different characters in attempts to escape at the end of the game.


  • Low-poly character models
  • Dialogue based gameplay
  • First person view point
  • Oculus Rift support

This is a game that places players in a locked psych ward and requires they answer dialogue questions a certain way to win. otherwise, the game works on a loop, and runs until the player says “the right thing” to convince the doctors of their sanity. I am developing the game as a part of my graduate thesis, and the content is based on synthesized medical reports of psychiatric abuse.

Previous Work:
This is my first game in Unreal and I have a base template built, as well as all assets and animations loaded into the project. I am looking to hire someone to quickly build out the gameplay elements connecting them into an actual playable game. The content of the dialogues are written, and the music is composed and mastered, and the dialogue system utilized currently can be viewed in greater detail here.

Talent Required:
Unreal Engine 4 Programmer

  • Set up controllable player character and AI pawns (needed fx; Looking at player in range, Roam, Chase, and Search for player)
  • Experience with UMG/Widget interface editing ideal
  • Manage dialogue system and animation states for NPCs
  • Creating small scale particle emissions
  • Integrating pre-composed original sound fx

Here is a preview of the character models for style reference; more available upon request.
Please contact me as soon as possible if interested using the information to follow.