IconMaker - Quick batch creation of icons with support for alpha channel, static and skeletal mesh.

Video Preview: Youtube

Technical Details


  • All content is taken directly from your project. You don’t need to add objects to the scene. You only need to specify the path to your models, animations and textures for the background.
  • Supported Static meshes, Skeletal meshes and animation.
  • Individual offset ( Location and rotation: camera and object).
  • Automatic scaling of objects.
  • Post Processing support (the widget added only vignette, bloom, chromo).
  • Change background (color or texture).
  • Transparent icon in texture2d format.
  • Individual or Batch export of icons.
  • Change size texture.

The whole code runs with the help of drawings and widgets. You can easily add the necessary functions yourself.

Number of Blueprints:
Widget - 1 ; Blueprints - 2.
Input: (Keyboard and Mouse)
Network Replicated: (No)
Supported Development Platforms: (Windows)
Supported Target Build Platforms: (Any)

Important/Additional Notes:

  • Post processing does not supported in transparent images.
  • Icons are saved in the format of 2d texture.
  • Works only in the editor. Does not work in a run-time application.
  • The first time you run the project, you may encounter a "loop detected"error. You need to press the play button again in the Editor.
  • If there are a lot of animations, the apply animation to all objects button does not always work.


I know it shows that the supported UE versions are 4.22-4.24, but I was wondering if it’s possible to use this on 4.20. Does this rely on newer features not supported in 4.20?

Thank you!

Hi, Arylea!

You can create icons in projects 4.22-4.24.
Next step:

  1. Open Content/IconMaker/Widget/IconMenu.widget
  2. Press button CTRL+F (Find) and find Create Render Target 2D
  3. And change all Create Render Target 2D RTF RGBA16f to RTF RGBA8 SRGB
  4. Create Icons in to project 4.22-4.24
  5. Select Icons
  6. You Need Right Mouse Button to Icon -> Export icon texture -> TGA -> icons to your project 4.20.
  7. In project 4.20 you need select Import.
  8. Working. For Trancparency Icons, dont forget settings, MIN Alpha 1 , Max Alpha 0 . If you have questions, write to me. I will record a video lesson.