Iconic Pickup Items

Iconic Pickup Items

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This pack is the ultimate solution to create pickup items for any kind of game you are making, it is 100% drag and drop and ready to work in your projects.

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Hello everyone,

We are working on our first marketplace release: Iconic Pickup Items.

Lastest Update: (01/2016)


7 more Static meshes: 2 keys, power sphere, another star, debuff type star, fungus and barrel.

You can now use particle systems instead of meshes. It also comes with one default particle system:

Added a barrel mesh to use it to spawn items.

Added Levitation feature for animation.

Added the option to rotate the mesh in all axis.

Increased usability by fixing Pawns who are allowed to pickup the items. If none is selected any pawn will be able to pick it.

Added support for vehicles, they can now pick up items.

Sound effect and blueprint override
Select pickup animation
Select 2 rotation types
Use Magnetic pickup item and change the radius visually

Added the spawner: select a blueprint class to spawn and customize it


Added the crate: destroy a crate to get items

More static meshes:
Coin Bags

More materials:
6 Master materials
29 Material instances highly customizable

What is it?
It’s a package that contains pick up items, which are found in many games, making them iconic.

What will you get?
Iconic props that you can use on your game, such as: coins, stars, hearts, fruits and gems. We are planning to make more depending on the user feedback and their needs. On our plans are Armors, HP/MP/Recovery potions, Vases, Gold bags. The list may change and we are here to ask you if you are interested on buying this and what changes would you make to our current version.

It will also come with a Blueprint where you can easily change the props and it’s size and materials. Also, you will be able to change the rotation axis and how the objects react when the player picks them. Take note that the functionality is not our main focus, as we are selling this as a prop pack but we are offering a blueprint to show the potential of the tool so you can see how can it fit into to your game.

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