Icon Settings and proper sizing not showing up in taskbar correctly

When I package our projects I used to get the icon we use for the .exe in explorer showing correctly along with when you run it showing correctly on the taskbar and the window itself. Now since we have updated to UE 4.21 only our .exe in explorer shows up correctly and the default UE logo shows for the window of the exe and in the taskbar. I have looked all over answerhub and google to people having similar issues and finding fixes that “worked” for them. I have tried all of these.

I have formatted our .ico in so many different ways using online tools to other specific icon editing tools. I can get our icon showing on the taskbar and window only after I build and package the exe. Then edit inside of Visual Studio. Basically over writing the default UE icons showing up.

I will include some screenshots with what I have seen and what I have done and some of my settings.

This is showing the icon no problem in explorer for the main EXE

But with some digging discover that the actual exe that is run is inside binaries which has the wrong logo.

If you inspect the exe in visual studio and actually find the icon folder you’ll see two icon files. One is usually named 101 and the other is 123.

So If I run 101 I see my custom Icon with the identical sizing that UE default icon uses.

and If I open up the 123 icon I see the default UE icon with all the same sizing.

If I actually rename 101 to 123 and 123 to 1234 or something and save. I am able to get the correct Icons showing in the taskbar and window when the exe is run.

But that doesn’t seem right to have to do that every time.

I don’t really know where to go from here. I have also my icon correctly set in project settings and it shows up in the correct folder structure if you are wondering.

IE [projectname]/Build/Windows/Application.ico

Thanks for any help!