Iclone5 animations with UE4

Hello I was looking into using iclone5 to animate my characters but was curious if anyone is using it with UE4 already and if so could you give some direction on how to get animations from Iclone5 into UE4. Thank you for any help.

I would like to know also

David, If you find anything out anywhere else please let me know


I’m not familiar with iClone. Can it export to FBX? If so, you should be able to use it with Unreal directly. If not, what other formats can it export to? You might be able to chain together the output of it into other software that can export FBX.

Michael Noland

Been wondering about this too, haven’t got around to testing it yet. Iclone definitely has some interesting animation tools, including built in HumanIK and “mouse puppeteer” or something like that.

FYI it does support FBX and they have guides for using it with UDK. iClone Pipeline Tutorial - Exporting iClone Props and Non-Human Characters to UDK - YouTube

All I can see is that it makes a movie and I see don’t know how to view it

You have to use 3dxchange to export the animations, in the fbx format. I have not been able to get it done so far, though it works perfectly in unity which is weird.

I love using iclone for animation. Here is how I use iClone and 3DXChange to get my characters into UE4.

Good afternoon fellow iClonites. I hope this helps out. I use the G3 model for most of my characters and just recently got it to import animations.

In iclone load G3 (or character of choice)
Edit in 3dxchange
From 3DXChange, export the model with no animation in FBX format

Next, add some animations in 3DXChange, I love the super powers pack

Now Export again, with animations in FBX format

Now we should be cooking…
Open up UE4. Import the base mesh that we exported with no animations. When you import this base mesh it will create a new skeleton for UE4 to use

Now import the animation fbx files that we made

Let me know if there is something I missed and I will help more if I can. What happens is the first fbx (No Anim) that we imported basically gave UE4 a new skeleton. After that your just importing animations that can now be used on the skeleton. I found this article looking for help with the next logical question, “How can I get an iClone skeleton converted to work with the UE4 animations.” Let me know if this helps.

I’m using iclone too. Iclone animations are working good, but animations retargeted using Human.rig no. if the animation is retargeted to Human-rigged SKM from iclone, then program will crash.

Hi Mkadlec712,

Can you post this to the **AnswerHub**in the “Bugs” Section?

I believe this may already be fixed in the engine as of last week with our internal build. I remember there being some problems with animation retargeting I think. But, none-the-less, anytime you get a crash we definitely want to make sure we’re trying to prevent things like that from happening and if they are reported we can have one of our support team take a look and report it to hopefully prevent something like that. :slight_smile:

Please report it using the information from the link in my signature for “How to report a bug?.”

Thank you!