Iceland landscape

Iceland landscape

I’m learning UE4 and made a Iceland landscape. Just for fun :slight_smile:





looks awesome :slight_smile: how did you get no landscape tiling?

I using photoshop to fix explicit tile and light equalizer in Bitmap2Material to fix the difference in a colors on image.

Colors are wrong, green is greenish here during summer. Rocks are almost black, not brown like yours. Mountains are less eroded here, they are very young.

Really good job at creating landscape, but not so on spotting Icalandic mountains features. It just does not click as Icelandic to me. And I see this stuff every day when going to work. However first picture could be near Grindavik and Blue Lagoon.

Grindavik road, sadly cannot get picture from behind hills, it looks almost like your pics there, just different colors:

Grundarfjordur and kind of “Famous” Kirkjufell mountain: You see shapes are bit different here:

PS. Thinking of it that maybe its not shape, but rock texture, they have more layered structure here.

Yeah, it didn’t click as Iceland to me either. Stereotypical Iceland to me looks a bit more like this:

I some parts of the country, rocks are fairly red rather than dark grey, but this isn’t the norm.

Mmm, colors aren’t accurate, snow and ice are missing while they supposed to be “in our face”.

Therefore the landscape is really awesome :smiley: