Ice Core - Scientific Data Visualisation in UNREAL

Hi, I would like to present my hobby project presenting temperature changes in history (800 000 years ago until present days) and correlating those with different cultural events such as great famines and inventions, collapses of cultures etc …

Project’s website is here:

*"The main purpose of this work is to present relative scales of temperature during holocene up to Ionian pleistocene using virtual reality. Data used : GISP2 Ice Core Temperature and Accumulation Data, Law Dome Ice Core 2000-Year CO2, CH4, and N2O Data, EPICA Dome C Ice Core High Resolution Holocene and Transition CO2 Data, GISP2 Oxygen Isotope Data : Greenland Ice Core Project, Vostok Ice Core Projects are researching values of CO2 in atmosphere using deep drills into sedimentary ice sheet layers corresponding in its maximum depth (approx. 3 km) to 800 kyr BP "