Ice Cool

Hello, I would like to introduce my new ice material package that is already waiting for approval :slight_smile:
It would be great to get some feedback and suggestions about future features.

  • Customization options. Over 200 parameters to make it look cool. Additionally, Over 50 switches allows controlling efficiency-quality trade off.
  • Uses NEW FAST cracks rendering method. Implementation of new cheap iterative technique of parallax for rendering deep cracks based on Signed Distance Field Textures. Thanks to using SDF result effect stays clean and smooth even on closeups with using only 7 texture reads!
  • Supports multiple types of refraction. Supported cube map with box projection mapping/screen color/ build in refraction pin.
  • Advanced translucency options. Translucency supports depth fading fog for better quality of covering the objects inside the ice.
  • Subsurface scattering and custom lighting. Useful for more advanced user to better fit the ice into the scene.
  • Extended reflection mode. System supports pre-rendered cube map reflections mapped on meshes using box projection mapping and spherical mapping.
  • Icy vertex offset shells. Material supports configurable Vertex displacement for Icicles.
  • Masked dithering. You can configure system to use translucent material only where you need and dither the opaque material around the translucent regions.
  • Animated dust. Configurable dust map with refraction noise makes material look even deeper and real.
  • Efficient and GPU friendly. Uses between 90-210 instructions depending on the number of features enabled can be used on VR and even mobile.

Gotta say that does look awesome. Just curious if it handles animations going from unfrozen to frozen and back? Great work.

Iโ€™m focused only on the material related features right now but I will check what can be done with dynamic freezing. Thanks for the cool idea :slight_smile:

As it is, it is cool AF, but I can see many interesting freeze effects could be had by adding animation. Seriously though, keep up the good work.

I am pleased to inform that package Ice Cool is already available on the marketplace: :slight_smile:

Is there any way you could give me the gist of how to add the coating affects to static meshes / actors?

Thatโ€™s really amazing! Animations and particle effects would be great, though is likely at least somewhat complex.