IBL lighting issues showing up after cooking

Been having this issue that I can’t seem to figure out. Basically I have all of the IBL system setup as far as I can tell the same as “The Island” and everything works 100% fine in editor. But when cooking I get some error messages about the IBL actors not getting any data so they will be black and when loading up the cooked map in game all of the IBL information is missing making the lighting look very bland/washed out compared to in editor… The exact error message while cooking is - “LogMaterial:Warning: Reflection capture was loaded without any valid capture data and will be black. This can happen if the DDC was not up to date during cooking. Load the map in the editor once before cooking to fix.”

I always have the map fully loaded when cooking so the mention of doing this hasn’t helped at all. Is there something obvious I’m missing or something I need to do to fix this issue? Currently my main DynamicCaptureManager actor that is in the persistent map has these options set if it helps: Save Path is set to TheIsland I have Use Map Relative Saving disabled.

Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated :slight_smile:


Anyone have any insight into this issue? Still haven’t been able to figure out what is causing this as everything works perfect lighting wise in editor, only gives these errors and fails to work in game.

Hey buddy! I will look through the official documentation on lighting to see if I can find anything on this!