IAP - Subscription doesn't work


I have a mobile game for Android.

The game uses IAP - everything works…

Recently added subscriptions.

Used blueptints.

Troubles (in descending order of importance):

  1. Doesn’t work “Restore In-App Purchases”. I buying a subscription (in Play Market i see purchased subsctioption), after this i try restore purhcase → called event “On Success”, CompletionStatus = Restored, but InAppPurchaseInformation.Length() = 0.I try 2 variants: IsConsumable=true and IsConsumable=false - nothing doesn’t work.

  1. I buy a subscription: I call “MakeInAppPurchase”, the standard purchase window opens, I buy, the window closes to go back to the game → the game crashes. Events OnSuccess or OnFailuse does’t called. But subscription buyed - in Play Market i see purchased subsctioption. I try 2 variants: IsConsumable=true and IsConsumable=false - in all cases crashes.

  1. Doesn’t work ReadInAppPurchase for subscrioption.

Need your help!

Did you get it working ?
I am having same question for subscription base purchases, so i seached on internet and found nothing. Anyone who ask about it like yours question ended up having no awnser.

Could it be possible that it is not supported in unreal like admob rewarded video is not supported ?
If yes than whome to conform ?


I didn’t solve this problem.

I use IAP (in-app purchase) + store the purchase time, then calculate when the purchase bonus should expire. When the time comes, I disable the necessary functionality (while loading the level I make a check).

Watch my game “Sokopango: Another Game”. I created analog of subscription - IAP: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week.

Is anybody getting Subscription based In App Purchases to work on Android? Store v2 works with consumable purchase but doesn’t appear to work with subscriptions. I have run out of options as to how to solve this.

Yes, I have the same problem. Restore in app purchases2 also is not working, which is probably because subscription based in app purchase does not work. Maybe more people should report this to to convivence them that it is a bug, because testing this is not going to be easy for them. I have reported this myself as well about a month ago.

I have the same problem, I would say that when you make an in app purchase it is always treated as if it were consumable, that’s why it allows you to make them again, and doesn’t allow you to restore them, maybe it’s another problem, the question is that a solution is needed