IAP - Subscription doesn't work

I have a mobile game for Android.
The game uses IAP - everything works…
Recently added subscriptions.
Used blueptints.

Troubles (in descending order of importance):

  1. Doesn’t work “Restore In-App Purchases”. I buying a subscription (in Play Market i see purchased subsctioption), after this i try restore purhcase -> called event “On Success”, CompletionStatus = Restored, but InAppPurchaseInformation.Length() = 0.I try 2 variants: IsConsumable=true and IsConsumable=false - nothing doesn’t work.

  1. I buy a subscription: I call “MakeInAppPurchase”, the standard purchase window opens, I buy, the window closes to go back to the game -> the game crashes. Events OnSuccess or OnFailuse does’t called. But subscription buyed - in Play Market i see purchased subsctioption. I try 2 variants: IsConsumable=true and IsConsumable=false - in all cases crashes.

  1. Doesn’t work ReadInAppPurchase for subscrioption.

Need your help!

I am experiencing the exact same thing. I’m using an internal test on Google Play Store to test subscriptions, when the subscription payment succeeds the app crashes, on failure it is fine(no crash). Any solution for this as yet? Running on Unreal Engine 2.24.2

Do you still get this behaviour with the IAP v2 nodes? I had a my IAP flow break completely until I switched

Hi, pukekopictures.
What is it? How to use it?
I don’t now about nodes v2, I didn’t find them in BP.

Has anyone gotten subscriptions to work on Android? I can’t even get a response from the store, it’s as if I have the wrong product ID but I am sure it’s correct. I have a list of subscriptions set up on google play and a list of consumable purchases…every single consumable works and not a single subscription gets a response from google play.

Also subscriptions on iOS work fine. I use v1 nodes for iOS and v2 nodes for Android. Upgraded to 4.26 because I saw that IAP was updated but I get the same behavior.

Solution found?

Negative I through in the towel. I may swing back around on it here soon though.

Hi everyone! For me, too, nothing works for Android and UE 4.26.1

Restore In-App Purchases2 - always returns 0 items…

Solution found?

Is there any solution for this yet?