I3 and 3gb of ram, any chance I could run UE4 on Linux?

CPU : Intel® Core™ i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz × 4
OS : Ubuntu

Recommended RAM is 8GB. You don’t mention an additional GPU either, so I think you would be in for a “Bad ™” using just the integrated graphics and Intel drivers.

Intel HD 3000


As per 3vil ^^, you would really struggle. I would say that the 3GB ram is going to be you downfall. I was about to run in with 4gb, AMD 3 core and a slow nVidia car. But I shut everything down in the background even security.So I could not even watch Youtube tutorials in the background.

Even with 8 GB, I ran out of Ram when doing landscaping.

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I would spend a few $$ and upgrade ram, I am in OZ and got 8gb for $70


Highly suggest, that to develop, that you have 16GB as a minimum, and preferablly 32GB of memory.

I’m currently running with 16GB, and if I have a lot of resources, to load when opening a map, it can take a bit of , think in terms of 10’s of minutes, not just minutes.

I was writing a pure Widget game, Where graphics did not matter, but yes, @Jayice, ram, ram, ram. I have upgraded to 16, as 8 was causing problems with high def maps.

ohh my … I will give up on it for now and work with another engine that will requiere less :frowning: , until I can upgrade my pc. thanks for your answers :slight_smile: