I would pay for this

A good modular inventory / items system (Ofc i read its alot of people doing this but i wanted to mention it).

A simple way to save data server side, like mysql or something like that. Like if im making a multiplayer game, i would want to save health and items to a database so when i connect again i got my items and attributes as before :slight_smile:

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Server side SQL can be accomplished through this free wrapper around SQLite.

Is there anything specific you’re after in regards to inventory systems that the existing solutions/projects aren’t covering?

I’m working on a fully modular inventory system which should cover your first requirement. It will probably be ready in a the next weeks – I have to add a few more things like stashes, hotbars, a basic equip system, and server replication.

Feel free to check my thread for more information on the current status (on my signature)

Please don’t rely on SQLite for parallel multi-player databases. It’s not what it’s good at, and it WILL cause bizarre failures for your server, and performance limitations, as you try to scale up.
Isn’t there already an Unreal plugin for ODBC or some popular database like MySQL or Postgres? Perhaps there’s a space in the market here…