I would LOVE it if someone could explain how this is even possible

More sequencer problems

Came back to this today and decided to just try to use the Sequencer render. Worked fine, as can be seen here- MetaArchAutoStart2_(2) on Vimeo

But, I had to been playing around with things and had forgotten to reset some reflections, plus I wanted to change the position of a fill light. So, I did those things and then rendered it again- MetaArchAutoStart2_(3) on Vimeo

All the stats that are listed in the second video, they haven’t been in my level blueprint FOR DAYS. They are literally not in there at all- not “in there but disconnected”, the nodes were deleted DAYS ago, and I’ve had several restarts since then. I just don’t even understand how this can be possible.

I posted another (unanswered) question the other day asking whether there was some way to reset or flush memory or something, because with several restarts this is obviously not ‘things getting stuck in RAM’. UE4 has to be caching something somewhere, whether its a render list or whatever I have no idea, but it is obviously not simply taking the scene and rendering it out.

Please, someone from Epic, comment on this!