I would like to to simulate a box full of water

Hey Guys!

I’m working on a bootlegging project and I want to make interactive beer barrels a big part of the game. To start off I would like to create a box that contains another box and every time the interior box receives a impact from a line trace it’s amount would be reduced inside the box. However this would need to take place only on the Z axis regardless of the boxes orientation without effecting the interior boxes shape. The effect I would like to simulate is a line trace that would check both the exterior and interior surface type and if it hits the interior box it would detect liquid and shoot water out from that impact point.

I would appreciate help creating this for gameplay, the effect does not have to happen every tick or be smooth

Thanks! Great Job!

Sounds like you need Flex https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?53735-NVIDIA-GameWorks-Integration&p=278584&viewfull=1#post278584

first try using 2 cubes was figuring if line passed through both spawn emitter at second hit location

second version much cleaner simply finds hit actor origin compares it to impact location then checks to see if its less than current water level if true creates particle effect.