I would like to thank you from the bottom of my bliack little heart

I have been using the internet daily for 20 years. I have never gotten spam or junk mail. I don’t even get spam alerts on public mail like gmail or yahoo. I do get placed on mailing lists sometimes that I didn’t sign up for but I know where that comes from. I mean really I didn’t get to toy with the Nigerian bank scammers, I didn’t get those wonderful letters regarding my manhood and pills… None of it! Hell I only got solicitation once on my domain and I fixed that by making it private.

Then your forums got hacked…

BAM I got my first spam alert in 20 years… really stupid spam too someone asking me to give them my credit card info and one about a loan… SO thank you for that. Your laziness in using someone else’s forum system so you have to rely on them for security updates means you can not protect me, your partner. Your shortcut has broke my 20 year clean mail streak… Awesome!!!

What the nature of the spam means is that all of our private info is being sold. Because NO ONE with the brains to crack this forum would send spam… They are obviously selling the data… Once again thank you so much… AND btw… I know it was from this hack. The email account that the spam was sent to is pretty much inactive. It redirects to another email account. I only have that account open now days for unreal engine.

Judging by your join date they have your home address as well.

All I’m hearing is wah wah wah.

I have a hard time believing you haven’t gotten any spam in 20 years, I get spam on email accounts that aren’t used anywhere.

Good internet practices. I also run my own mail servers having been a network administrator and programmer for over 15 years but even in my public email I don’t get spam ever. As a consultant I use to push my clients to not rely on outside vendors because you are entrusting someone else with your business. I have lived by that. I do have throw away email accounts on the web for spam if I decide to wander into the shady side of things.

It really doesn’t surprise me that I am getting flamed by fanboys seeing as how they don’t think that privacy and security is important. It just kind of makes me wonder why they wasted their time even commenting. I am sorry EPIC gets 5% of every dime I make off my game. I have every right to be angry that they allowed such a breach a second… Third… I mean maybe forth time. All because they won’t take the time to write/create their own forums…

As for my house address that has not been updated and strangely that was not taken. What was taken was password salt and hash, join date, birthdate (I think) and email account.

Here check your email ->

A custom forum wouldn’t fix the problem, considering all of the big companies that get hacked if someone wants to get in they will get in.

They can’t hack a custom forum since they don’t have knowledge of the server code.

What game ?


I don’t see how that would stop them, many custom systems get hacked. A custom forum would likely be even more vulnerable since they would have to be developing the security for it themselves rather than using something pre-existing that already has years of development.

It’s quite easy to secure your own server code nowadays.

We are making two games in one. The first game is a combat shooter called Disturbed - Killing Jar. This will be included in a sci fi mmorpg called IOstream :: CIN. Which we have alot of development into but we wanted to put something out there so the shooter came about and we are working on that right now. They are really the same game with just a bit different focus so users can get use to the idea… The game is very different in its genre…

Tell that to every big website that keeps getting hacked

That sounds like trolling to me. Poogle-sensei search doesn’t reference your game and iostream/cin is C++ stuff… Not to mention even if those are actual projects you indeed working on, you aren’t paying anything to Epic, since … well… you don’t have a product selling that exceeds quarterly limit.

Ok apparently you might want to look up what trolling actually is… Just because our information is actually on the net and you can’t find it doesn’t really tell me you tried very hard. AND pretty much calling me a lair and attempting to change the direction of the orignal post is pretty much trolling… So I suppose I am rubber you are glue what bounces off me sticks to you is your tacit here… We have not announced our game because we are a small team paying for the development out of pocket and it isn’t ready yet. We are all partners of EPIC if we are making a game with their engine. You know what? I will choose not to think you are a troll but someone who has low english comprehension. That seems to be the norm now days. ONCE AGAIN! I have every right to be angry that they choose to depend on someone else with my data because they are to lazy to do it themselves… SO stop trolling me child!