I would like to share this experience i have/had with an asset developer.

Hello peeps,

First of all keep in mind this is NOT a hate thread, more so something i really want to share, because this has been a very not-nice situation for me, the past 2 days ish.

Secondly, i would like to share this so you guys/girls, know what you are buying before you might consider buying anything.

Yesterday morning i purchased an asset called avr framework (advanced vr framework), and my experience with it was pretty bad, performance wise the demos ran really badly on my 9900k and 2080, and so i pointed this out, and had a question about, how to fix a controller problem i was having with the asset, and the developers refused to help me and even threatened to ban me.

Now you might ask why did they threaten to ban me?

Like a year or so ago, i got the asset from the developers for free because they wanted to help me test it for them, and so now that i have an oculus quest 2, i offered to help again with the new version if they wanted to give it for free again.

They said no, i accepted it, but after that they threatened to ban me. (sadly i got no proof of this, but the videos, i am about to send you the link of, basically is the developer confirming that they did ban me).

Anyways… back to me purchasing the asset yesterday, i decided to have a new discord name, since i was afraid they would ban me again for no reason whatsoever, like happened previously.

Soon enough i purchased one of their patreon, subscriptions aswell, without realising my name on my patreon was the same as the one i had on discord that i got, once again with 0 reason banned for.

As soon as they knew i was ShadowDoggie, and not Liam, they started treating me very badly again, and so i decided to ask Amsel, one of the developers, to have a call, on discord.

I asked amsel to explain why he banned me for no reason, multiple times, but Amsel refused, and simply did not know what to say.

Soon enough, in the video/recording i noticed Amsel wanted me to simply refund it himself (or at least that is what Amsel was saying/hinting), so i asked him which you can hear in video 2, at 16:10 “Do i have your word that you will approve the refund?” And Amsel said, yes multiple times, as you can hear yourself.

Last night, i got an email from Epic Games, that said the following:

“In order to provide you the best support I need some more information about the issues you are experiencing with the product. Can you provide more specific details about your project and what issues the product is causing?”

I am very confused by this, considering i did a VERY in depth explenation, in the refund request, and said, at least close to what i just all mentioned in this thread.


These developers have been messing with me for years now, i decided to purchase the asset, they still refuse to help, and ban me with 0 reasoning, and refuse to let me have a refund.

I would usually not make such a big deal out of not getting a refund for whatever that might be, but this is 155 Euro’s and, the way they, but mostly Amsel has been treating me, makes me not want to have any cents from me.

Here are the recordings:

1: from 6:45 the mood changes and gets negative pretty quickly.


Please note once again in video 2 at the time stamp of: 6:15 and 16:10 Amsel (Developer) tells me he would approve the refund.

Also seems i was right and i did in fact get banned again just 30 minutes ago.

On top of that like i said, i still haven’t gotten my refund and its starting to look more like Amsel lied in the call, and did in fact deny the refund i did.

This is crazy to me considering he wanted me and everyone to be honest.

Thank you very much for hearing me out, people of the Unreal Engine forum.

P.S. in video 2 i told Amsel i recorded him, and told me he was “fine” with it.

Also Epic, please just let me have the refund, i am done with these developers messing with me at this point.


I got my refund, in a way i prefer not to share, so Epic Games , wont be able to revoke/revert it :slight_smile:

-you have no additional rights regarding an market place producer.

-you annoyed them and they have every right to ban you, even tho they spent hours with youre complaints.

-you should not have been refunded just because you made this rediculous public shitstorm here

-from watching the videos, Amsel had god-like patience with you, even tho you behaved very badly. Many others would have just disregarded you, which would the appropriate reaction to such a whining b* as you.

now get youre balls together and suck it up.