I would like to make a suggestion to help independent games achieve more success.

An annual subscription from the store that offers users access to a number of credits to spend on games and content, along with an exclusive game catalog to incentivize people to subscribe. This approach would bring significant advantages to smaller studios.

With this subscription, players would benefit from the freedom to choose the titles they want to acquire, using the credits provided by the subscription, in addition to accessing the high-quality game catalog.

Imagine that a person pays $99.99 per year and gets access to ten incredible games, as well as 1000 credits to spend on other games. In this scenario, games from major studios could cost 250 credits, while indies could cost only 25 credits, thus encouraging sales of these smaller titles.

I am not a sales specialist; I just want to offer the perspective of a consumer.


Hello Ike,

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll be submitting it to our engineering team to review. We really appreciate you taking the time to share this with us.

Hope you have a great day!

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Hello! I’m glad to see that my suggestion was well received. As I mentioned before, I’m not a sales expert, but I’m excited to share ideas that I find interesting. This time, I’d like to propose something more elaborate, and before that, let me make an analogy.

Imagine a home improvement and tools store. In this establishment, there’s a variety of fascinating products. However, they don’t always perform well in terms of sales because customers often enter with a predefined idea of what they want to buy. Some go for an electric shower, while others seek doorknobs or baseboard paint. Now, envision the following scenario: the store owner decides to hold a cash voucher giveaway, which the winners can exchange for goods in the store. The beauty of this concept lies in the shift of perspective for the fortunate customers. They explore all products, discovering wonderful items they wouldn’t have considered previously, but that now make all the difference in their lives.

My idea, although not revolutionary, could be an exciting addition to a digital game store. It involves introducing virtual coins, “Epic Coins” (EC). These coins could be used to acquire games and in-game assets. Here are five ways players could earn Epic Coins:

  1. Credit Card Purchase: We would offer EC packages for purchase, such as 100EC, 250EC, 500EC, and 1000EC.

  2. Purchase Rewards: When making purchases over $50.00, the customer would receive 10EC to spend on other games and assets in the store. For purchases over $100.00, the reward would be 20EC, and so forth.

  3. Subscription with Benefits: We would introduce a monthly or yearly subscription that provides access to an incredible selection of games chosen by Epic Games. Additionally, subscribers would receive 100EC per month or 1200EC per year to be used for acquiring other titles and assets.

  4. Thematic Events: We could host festivals and special events, such as Halloween. During these periods, players who purchase horror-themed games would receive extra ECs to spend on other games.

  5. Free EC Rewards: Periodically, Epic could offer free coins to store visitors or those who participate in specific events.

In summary, I’m sharing these ideas with the hope that they can contribute in some way. I believe the beauty lies in sharing concepts and thereby allowing others to also express their opinions on their feasibility and attractiveness.

Hello everyone. I’m pleased to know that my ideas continue to be well-received. I would like to bolster them with a fresh perspective. While not entirely original, it could be interesting to integrate this concept into the Epic store. Imagine a monthly or yearly subscription that provides access to a game catalog and a kind of cashback in the form of virtual coins to spend within the store.

An independent developer or a small company that has just launched a title with minimal advertising could make their games available in this catalog for a predetermined period. This would be an opportunity to foster a community of players who might later consider acquiring the game when it exits the catalog, using the accumulated virtual coins or opting to purchase with real money.

Developers could have the freedom to offer their titles through an arrangement with Epic Games, understanding that this would be to help popularize the game rather than generate revenue when it is being accessed by catalog subscribers.

As always, thank you for the feedback! I have forwarded your ideas over, as always we can’t promise anything on this particular idea but we appreciate the passion and have sent it over to our engineering team for review!

Have a great day!

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