I would like to know the charging standard of ue


I learned from our user agreement that there is a fee for privatized deployment of ue. Is this true?
Also, are there any restrictions on the use of metahuman models, such as for others to use.


“our user agreement”? You mean UE4/5s? There is a fee if you build an off-the-shelf product and earn more than 1 million dollar with it. I’m not sure what you mean by “privatized deployment of UE”. As long as you don’t build off-the-shelf products your should be fine. You can use it for film, television, live events, architecture, automotive, etc. See: Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine or Unreal Engine (UE5) licensing options - Unreal Engine or https://twitter.com/unrealengine/status/1359579257303945220

MetaHuman is UE exclusive. Means you can use it as long as it’s used inside the UE. I think others are allowed to use it as long as they use it in UE as well. See: MetaHuman Creator EULA - Unreal Engine

Btw, why do you ask this in ARK modding? I think you can use MetaHuman in ARK since it’s in UE4. If that’s what you’re trying to ask.