I would like to know how to turn off single sign in

my brother been on my computer lately and he put single sign in on my pc so everytime i try to go to my ps4 account on epic games it puts me on his account so i would like to know how to turn it off

That was stupid of him, Single sign is if I’m correct an addon for your browser.

That was stupid of him, Here help it is 3 thing you can do:

1 Use a different web browser

2 click forgot password and try to get a new one

3 Changes his password, Do this as last resource.
If you change the password, that you are forced to type it in. or you can contact Epic Games support to get help.

Don’t let him be on your account. If you did changes his password, then you need tell him after. If you need more help, just ask

Do you need more help?