I would like to know how to make traffic lights at the distance, I made it in a blueprint but it's very wrong designed

Hi, sorry for my english, I’m spanish speaker, and only one axis in a loop simoultaneously, maybe without a timeline. I’ll be more clear, I would like to make like traffic lights of cars in the distance, I have only one static mesh, is a low poly car and I want it to travel from A to B position in only one axis, but multiple cars at the same time, that sapwn maybe random times in a value in infinite loop, maybe using a spline or not I dont care, it’s ok. I did it but really horrorific, and fps consuming. I’ve duplicated the same static mesh like 20 times in the same actor, and then 20 times a timeline with different numbers with a sequencer, I mean its horrible what I did. But I would like your help

all the timelines are conected in a sequencer and the sequencer in a event begin play like 20 or 30 times

of course all of them are conected to a unique spline, then in the editor I change it and magic! it’s working, but very slow in the editor when I want to duplicate it and fps consuming ingame

any thoughts?
Of course I’m using the lastest UE4 version 4.27.1