i would like to know how to get this material changing blueprint. its really cool


here is the link of exe - Darulsolutions - Interactive Loft Apartment

in this exe player get mouse icon by widget imo. triggerbox applied to the range when player get inside material spheres get appear.

any help highly appreciated.

The official Unreal Engine Youtube channel recently did 2 videos on a similar setup with a car model. They are using a newer feature called Variant Manager.

thanks. i’ll look for more info on Variant Manager. but the video you linked is UMG widget based swapping, thats not i am looking for. the images i have attached, they are sphere actor. which appear on boxtrigger functoin in blueprint and by left click material get swapped. even sphere had glow outline too. btw. thanks for help. please check exe - Darulsolutions - Interactive Loft Apartment
you will better understand what i am looking for.

here is youtube video -

Did you find how to do it? Please let me know if you did

still looking for solution. :frowning:

Okay. I am also looking. I will let you know if I come across it