I would like to Commission someone to do a mod

I want to mod Life is Strange 2. Every other LIS has been modded expect this one. -_-
I have pak files extracted but, my computer is very slow with UE, I also don’t know what version of UE LIS2 runs on. Both of these make it hard to mod it.

I just want to change a character that is in episode 2 and episode 3. If you played LIS2, I want to replace Cassidy with a model I made in Blender. I used LIS2 assets only to make this model.

If you mod it for me, tell me what form you need the model in (Example: obj, fbx, xps, etc.) and tell me how much you want to mod it.

Even if you don’t mod it, I would still like the information or any tips you have.
(It still hard with UE slow on my computer and that I don’t know UE version I need to use for LIS2)

If you won’t mod it, can I at least have the file type I need to put in and what version of UE I need. There is no file that tells me what version LIS2 runs on. I did the notepad/wordpad method already on so many files, and none of tell me the version of UE.

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