I would appreciate a small help from someone about my 2d Ladder system

Above are screenshots of my ladder system. The ladder work perfectly how I wanted it too. However there is a small problem.
When I have one ladder in a game the ladder works just how I intended it to work; however when I place a secound copy of it into my game the ladder just stops working completley.
If anyone knows how I can fix that I would very appreciate the help.

The problem is you’re enabling input for every ladder every frame. So one of two things is happening. Either every ladder’s ‘Z’ event is being called when the player presses Z or the ladder the player isn’t near is consuming the Z input. I would stop enabling input every frame and have each ladder enable/disable input depending on whether the player is within proximity of it. You can easily check if the player is near by using a collision shape and overlap events.

Hi. Sorry I don’t quiet understand what you mean by that :confused: ( rather new to UE4)
Do you mean that I should replace the event tick with something else?
Or should I somehow use something like sphere trace for object instead of in range?