I wondering unreal engine 5 will be similiar to 4

I started to learn unreal engine 4 in this month. I have been studing hard on blueprint and other stuffs, but I always wondering when ue5 published am I going to lose most of experiences ? Will UI or blueprints will be similar to UE4 ?

Probably the vast majority of the editor will be the same, probably the thing that might be the most different is a UI refresh that could change the overall UI graphics but it would still likely be functionally the same, just looking different.

so I can use my blueprint knowledge same as ue5 ?

Probably, but I can’t make any guarantee, Epic hasn’t talked all that much about UE5 so most things are speculation. Just remember that they aren’t going to completely change everything unless there’s something better

As I remember I heard too many times about upcoming audio system for UE5 and it looks like they improved this as well, and I’m really interested with it because I’m also musician/artist.

IIRC I remember there being a section of the sneak-preview where they pointed out that you can start developing on UE4 now and migrate to UE5 without having to redo stuff.

Epic’s Zak Parrish drops some info about UE5 and the transition from UE4 is an episode of The Pulse: