I wonder if you(epic) should make a statue to Mathew Wadstein

… or a juicy bank check for his mini tutorials.

He has a zillion of short videos that make from unreal to best place.…bRdVEm0hONTrNQ

I have used it continuously and right now I just used it. I just realized that this man needs recognition.

He is incredible! We definitely love having him in our community. :slight_smile:

I agree, top guy!

Thank you for the kind words, I really do appreciate them. I really enjoy passing the information back to everyone else in a clean and easy manner because sometimes we all get stuck and a helping hand is really nice when we need it.

Epic has in the past Granted me a Dev Grant, I have been able to hang out with them at GDC, and I have been able to do educational stuff for them as well so I think they have definitely recognized me =)

Yeh, your videos are incredibly helpful. Your latest videos on C++ are great but I have zero knowledge on that. Explaining how some basic blueprint nodes actually work in the source code and how to read the syntax would be interesting.

Good to know, I’m very happy for you. kudos :slight_smile:

Mathew Wadstein, going through your videos 4th day in raw! You are a bloody genius of education!

I too would like to announce my undying love for you Mathew <3

@MathewW Thank you for your amazing mini tutorials, they are the best!

What is this thread really saying, that statues dedicated to the Epic docs should be torn down?! :stuck_out_tongue:
After building statues to Mathew, maybe add a few for all the Community-Tools contributors too.:wink:

Yes, torch these useless unreal docs with them! raising pitchfork meme

<10 minute Mathew Wadsteine-esque video tutorials should be on every docs page.