I wish to have a way to reset the project settings just like a new project

This is my terrible experience.

My project uses some plug-ins and has never used C + +.

Until I came across a feature that needed to be implemented in C + +. I found that there was no compile button in my editor.

I can create C + + classes, but I can’t call functions from the C + + classes I’ve created, or create blueprint classes that inherit my C + + classes.
For this reason, I post a question in another page

Because I’m using the source code version of the engine, I suspect there’s something wrong with the engine.

To do this, I re downloaded, re installed, and recompiled the engine.

By using the source code version engine to create a new test project, I found that there are compile buttons and can create and use C + + classes normally.

I am ready to migrate my project. During the process of opening plug-ins for new projects, I find that it is caused by substance plug-in. This failure occurs whenever the substance plug-in is enabled.

I disabled the substance plug-in.

But my project didn’t recover.

Neither recompiling my project nor modifying the configuration one by one will not recover.

In the end, the solution that saved me was:

Create a project with the same name on another partition, copy its “.uproject” file to my old project, and rebuild it.

Of course, this has led to a series of errors in opening after rebuild. I need to modify many files such as “MyProjectGameMode.h” to fix the mistake.

As our project grows larger and larger, it is inevitable that there will be some failures such as the problems mentioned above due to version migration, plug-ins, or other reasons.

If we provide a solution like my operation to reset the engineering files, but retain our resources, we can solve many problems in our development.