I wish someone would make a modern "Waterworld" game

I’m talking about this movie, for those who don’t know…https://youtube.com/watch?v=NpKbULrB9Z8
It is like it was made to be a video game! At least to me.

I imagine it having visual aesthetics similar to Skyrim. Realistic but harsh looking, and also beautiful.

You could have boats that you can upgrade with engines, sails, armor plating, cabins, etc. You could have items like guns, harpoons, spyglasses, grappling hooks, etc. You could go on missions to find dirt, protect a child, assassinate someone, etc. and there would be floating cities or towns where you could go to trade items, etc.

Now that I’ve written that all out, it sounds like Assassin’s Creed Blackflag, which I haven’t played, so I don’t know for sure. How similar is it? Obviously the setting is different, without the remnants of modern machinery…

Would any one else love to play a waterworld game?

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Sounds pretty good.

Though I would opt for a different area of play and a new story.
It would be quite the game! Almost mount and blade like?

I don’t know much about Mount and Blade.

The main things that seem interesting are the unique setting… on a boat traversing a vast ocean, in the far future Mad Max style, and the fact that some humans have mutated means you could throw in some semi fantasy/sci-fi creatures… Plus the possibility for creative boats similar to the land vehicles in the new Mad Max movie.

Hello! I am way late on this but I have begun the task 2 days ago of exactly what you want! Crazy thing is I never even heard of this movie until today and I had the idea of a mad max water survival. Maybe I did but I was making all this up on the top of my head. Anyway I am putting a team together as we speak to begin developing the game. Hopefully we can build a community to give ideas to make this great game.

hahaha funny story… thats an idea I have written down to do after my current project, expect it soon
EDIT: read through the comments to see someone is already doing it. good luck! mount it blade features would be a good idea

Funny, that was the movie from where my parents decided my name, from Kevin Costner xD

Anyways: Black Flag is somewhat different. The original Waterworld story was somewhat meh so I’d say: New Storyline. Maybe on a different part of the world? For example a battle near theHimalayas.

I think they could respec and skin fallout for this

Would it be a bad idea if you made this game?