I wish AnimBP Function Parameter can input from Variable.

AnimBP is linked to a skeleton. At the same time, we need to implement a lot of logic about animation. For different characters, there are different skeletons, so we need to repeat the same logic in many AnimBPs again and again. When modifying, we also need to modify all the AnimBP. In general, once there is an omission, the animation logic of some forgotten characters does not run like other characters.

What’s better is that I can let a AnimBP inherit another AnimBP and use a different skeleton.And declare some variables of class like Blendspace or SequenceBase.

Then create a AnimBP Subclass linked to another skeleton, and replace the animation resource of the variable with the animation resource of the skeleton linked by the Subclass.

However, many animation function parameters can not support this feature, so we can not apply the same logic to any skeleton AnimBP. It is hoped that the official can make some necessary modifications to this part, so as to increase AnimBP’s support for Development.Like this:

It is Creazy that I must name a man character`s skeleton “FemalesBip” and name bone “FemalesBip-Pelvis”.