I will venmo you $100 if you can answer this

It would seem very few people know what the folder structure looks like in a packaged for shipped iOS application.

SaveGameToSlot and LoadGameFromSlot use a location on disk when shipped that is different from packaged for dev.

In dev it looks like “…/…/…/MyGameName/Saved/SaveGames/files.sav”

In shipping a conversion takes place where “…/” becomes “” <-That is literally nothing, it clips the path. BUT putting files in the theoretically clipped location "/MyGameName/Saved/SaveGames/ " is not a valid path, files saved there cannot be found.

However, the game is storing files SOMEWHERE I can confirm save and load work while the game is running but I can’t figure out where because the node LoadGameFromSlot cannot find files placed in the following directories:





“SaveGameDirectory Node output/file.sav”

“PersistentDownloadPath Node output/file.sav”

First person that can get UE4 to print the directory the app is attempting to Save and Load from in a packaged for shipping title will get $100 venmo’d to them today.

I actually wonder if this is a bug.

If you use a UMG widget text to show GetProjectSaveDirectory in a shipped title the text widget will read “/MyGameName/Saved/”

In a normal title, LoadGameFromSlot looks in “MyGameName/Saved/SaveGames/” So one would assume If you append “SaveGames/” to the GetProjectSaveDirectory and store files in that directory the LoadGameFromSlot node would be able to find those files. Unfortunately it cannot.

Is that simply a bug?

On iOS there are only a couple directories that apps are allowed to write to, apps are sandboxed and can’t write anywhere. I think probably Unreal would be writing the saves to the documents directory (if you aren’t using iCloud anyways). You can get the path to this directory using URLsForDirectory:inDomains:, also try searching the engine codebase for URLsForDirectory or related file system calls and you might be able to find where they are saving it.