I will sculpt your concept art in clay!

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Imagine having a 25" sculpture of your game’s main character sitting your team’s workspace right now.

I’m not talking about 3D printing. 3D printing does not have the same feeling to it as a physical sculpture, some of the details come out wonky to the point you need to reprint, to keep the cost low enough to be viable you have to order it small or in tons of pieces and reconstruct it yourself and hope it doesn’t fall apart.

Clay. Is. Better. 1 solid structure. Will last a lifetime. Massive presence that can read well from any angle at any distance in the room. Not just one more toy to clutter up your desk, but a motivational symbol to keep you and your team focus on what matters, developing great content! That’s what I can do for you.

My name is Rob and I’m a student at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. I’m attending this school on the GI bill and although the bill is great during the semester, on the break between semesters it leaves me out to dry so here I am trying to sell sculptures of your main character, enemy, and or environments.

My prices are cheaper than you may think, but it is a decent investment. I’m confidant that a 3D print of the same size would run you up to double what I’m charging.

I take half of the payment and the cost of materials upfront after the contract is signed, half after the job is finished. We work out how many revisions can be requested in the contract. I can only work from orthogonal front and side view images. If your concept art has a detail on it that you don’t like, like inconsistent anatomy, equipment that doesn’t ‘read’ well, or proportion issues, you should have the concept art recommissioned from someone else first. I know a guy who can do it if you want to see his portfolio let me know. Also I can look over the concept art you provide and let you know if there is anything that jumps out at me as might cause an issue, but the point is, i can’t guarantee the sculpture will be perfect if the orthogonals are imperfect. Like blueprints for a house.

That said I can do Busts, full character shots, a character in a scene, armor, scales, wings, aliens, dragons, monsters, if you can dream it and have someone draw it, I can sculpt it. The smallest size i can go is 20" top to bottom, I have no upper limit. but shipping could be weird.

Contact me I need to get started on a project asap. Robert.c.hoole@gmail.com


Do you have any completed sculptures to show?

At the end of my post I included a link to photobucket, that is the quality you can expect, although every time i make a sculpture the quality improves noticeably

There’s only two clay sculptures there that I can find, one looks like it’s barely started and the other looks very rough, is that all you have?

Actually it’s the same one. And yes, that is my greatest work in clay to date. I regret if its not to your standard but I’m happy with it and ready to sell the skill to anyone who is interesting in getting something to that level done. Though, my next will be much stronger than this one. and the next after that stronger still.

If that’s the case then you should spend some more time building up your portfolio and improving your skills. If you claim to be able to make anything then you have to have more than one example in your portfolio.

Thank you for your opinion, but not everyone has the skills I offer and I’m here to see if anyone is willing to pay me to do what they cant. They see the photos same as you, if they are impressed and choose to commission me that is upto them. My sculpture is lovely and so will be the next ones i make. And frankly, your ‘honesty’ isnt really appreciated. It’s bad for business. If someone was to have looked at these photos and became excited about what they saw, their excitement could easily have been killed by your opinions shared here. Therefore a moderator instead of facilitating a transaction between two willing participants, you made me feel very negatively and possibly my prospective clients also. My suggestion to you in a thread like this one, ESPECIALLY as a moderator, is to sit back and let the free market do its thing instead of interjecting your unsolicited (and obvious) advice.

People don’t usually do that well on their early works since it takes time to develop skills, so without much experience it’s going to be difficult to live up to your claims. We don’t see much physical sculpture type stuff here so I was interested to see your work, but with only one piece of work to show it’s not going to help you much to get paid work. The piece itself has good general forms, but it looks unfinished, it needs to be cleaned, smoothed, and detailed. If someone likes your quality of work then it shouldn’t matter to them what someone else thinks. I’m just giving you advice that will help you be more successful, you simply need a larger portfolio.

Also it would help if you took better pictures, it looks like they were taken with a phone camera and they’re mostly out of focus.

As a moderator on these forms, I don’t quite understand why you need this explained to you but here we go:

If you want someone to feel like you’re trolling them, then right on man stay on course you’re doing a great job.

If you legitimately want to offer real advice, post on the WIP boards, not the freelance boards. If you think I could have taken better photographs and maybe cleaned up the piece a bit, or even if you think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew in offering to sculpt anything, you can tell me all of that in private messages. And yes it does matter that you said it publicly, because art patrons are a fickle bunch. This service isn’t crazy expensive but its not cheap either and people know it.

Your advice is all relevant. That sculpture could use another 20 hours of pushing clay around easy. it could use two more solvent passes. But bro, I have to make rent. I’m willing to sell these things off for way less than the actual value of my work, rough as you may think it is. Which by the way, a lot of people like a more rough look, so chill. Message these things don’t post it directly on my advertisment.

I’m waiting on my sculpture professor to send off some glamor shots he took with his slr but i wanted to test the waters early, like any campaign this thing will evolve. But bro, I gotta eat, and I got resourses, friends and experience to sculpt whatever they throw at me. if they tell me its a crazy 40" double headed dragon, guess what? I’m gonna ask for a few thousand, take that **** to school with me and pay some badasses to help me finish it. Its not your place to gauge anyone’s skill level or worthiness to make money, its your job to click approve on new posts and make sure people don’t flame each other.

I digress.

It’s not my job at all, moderators are volunteers for the community. As a discussion forum, this is a place where people have the opportunity to comment and share opinions. I ignore really poor work because it’s the case that the person is so far behind that they just need to go through a bunch of tutorials for a while. But in your case it looks like you simply aren’t posting enough of your work and that you’re presenting it poorly, it’s very surprising if that piece is your only piece to show. I wouldn’t think that a sculpting class would go to a full figure sculpt without doing a bunch of smaller things first. It’s reasonable to respond to let you know that your post isn’t going to be very successful if you don’t present enough work and don’t present it well. You need to be able to accept criticism if you want to become better. While I understand your need to make money, you may not be ready yet to do it this way.

And again I tell you, Kindly keep your advice in private message form and let me figure out the business side for myself. To you, a 3D artist the world of art looks very different than it does to someone in a small studio who’s just starting out, or to an indie producer who may see the quality as more than enough for their project. Thank you for your time, and your consideration, but everything you have said here are things I considered before posting here. You are doing more harm than good and I hope you don’t make this mistake again in the future.

If I’m doing you harm then it’s only because you don’t intend to work to improve

OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU STILL POSTING? I am a student at Gnomon school of visual effects, Improvement is all I know. I just finished term 2 of 12. I’m going to improve life a effing super sayan. The reason you’re doing harm is because you won’t take a hint. My Very first response back to you should have been the end of our interaction. instead you keep dragging it out. And you’re telling my perspective clients That I “may not be ready yet to do it this way.” You’re not just some random poster, just having that moderator tab on your profile makes people perk up when you speak. Quit trolling me, do you own thing dude. Your advice isn’t helping any because it’s too on the nose, too obvious and completely nonspecific. When I get advice on improvement It’ll be from my WIP posts, it’ll be when I post on 10,000 hours, and brainstorm, not on my freelance posts by you. Your advice isnt helpful, not because I dont care to improve but because you aren’t educated enough to give real advice. Take more/better pictures? Yeah, thanks. Jesus.

I like your sculpture. ^^

You have a lot of very conflicting responses, you say my opinion has weight, yet you don’t see to want to take my advice. Instead you’re just raging that I seem to be hurting your chances at getting work when it’s all up to you how well you do if you can show a selection of completed pieces that will get people interested in paying you for work. You still haven’t addressed my first question–where is the rest of your work? Do you have anything else to show? If not, then you need to go work on some projects and then come back when you have more to show.

Luftbauch, You are too kind, thank you!


I evaded your question because I felt it didn’t merit a response. Any artist knows you only show the work that most accurately represents your current skill level. Showing a progression of improvement actually has an adverse effect on prospective clients. Starting with the work you’ve done best makes them feel a diminishing effect when they scroll through your older work. You leave them seeing your oldest stuff at the back and that’s the impression they are left with. If you post your early work first then you may lose the client’s attention before they even click through to your best work. I don’t have a consistent level of quality yet because I level up everytime i touch that clay. And you’ve failed to address my feelings on the matter, you are in no position to judge my level of professionalism. Whether I have one piece or 15 to show its not for you to tell me how ready I am to sell my skills. And I was very consistent in my responses to your advice. That the people reading will take your advice as a reflection on my work, but that I personally don’t find your advice helpful, or more importantly APPROPRIATE in this format.

For you it doesn’t matter what order you show your work, you only have one thing shown. If it’s the only thing you have that you think is worth showing then you are going to have great difficulty getting paid work. It also doesn’t help to have all of the other stuff in that photo album since it’s not related to sculpting. As someone with years of industry experience I’m fully aware of how unfinished that single piece is, that you think it’s on a level that people will pay for that means that you have a long way to go. And it’s very disappointing that you don’t see that.

I don’t see it? or I don’t let it deter me from trying?

BTW I also have years of industry experience, I’ve released 8 indie games and collaborated on a total of 12, I’ve done 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, and programming. I’d wadger I have more experience than you do. Clay is just my newest fascination.

If your 3d skills are represented by what is in that photo bucket album then your skills are beginner level at best. If you doubt my skill level them you can see some examples on my website though I don’t want to derail the thread by posting my own work here.
More on topic what you don’t seem to get is the need to present your work the best that you can. Having better quality photos should be the least that you do but you need multiple finished works.