I will help you enter the Russian market


My name is Ivan Shvetsov, I have been successfully promoting games in Russia for more than 5 years.

My goal is to get a successful experience of cooperation, I provide all services for free.

I would like to offer my service to your company:

  • High-quality localization
  • Successful entry into the Russian market
  • Preparation and holding of events
  • Assistance in finding contractors
  • Friendly community with Russian-speaking support
  • Collection of statistics and analysis of advertising activity
  • Automation of everything related to the promotion of the game
  • Detailed weekly reporting

In addition to attracting new players I can become a representative of the game in Russia, help solving issues of Russian-speaking users and adapt / create advertising creatives from scratch in accordance with the specifics of the Russian market.

Iā€™m convinced that our collaboration will be successful! Please, feel free to contact me directly at [EMAIL=ā€œvania.shvetsov@gmail.comā€]

Best Regards,

[COLOR=#888888]Ivan Shvetsov[/COLOR]