I was wondering, what comes after 4.9 ? :)

4.99?.. 4 v2? 5?!

4.10 and 4.11.

Ah ok thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, i actually though they forsing those nubers too fast

A version number isn’t a decimal number. The period is used only to separate the major and minor revisions of the software. This is also why you might see something like “version 17.4115.14501.0.” The numbers and separations can refer to anything the developer wants them to, really. The next iTween can be version “0.bacon” if it makes just as much sense to me :slight_smile:

I really want an Unreal Engine 4.bacon now. Damnit, Jared!

Or… you know :p… Epic is secretly working on the next unreal engine 5 all this time and it is going to be released after 4.9!!!11 :wink: :wink: …which would also confirm half life 3 because of reasons.



Really hoping Epic will change the actor/component architecture for 5.0, so I’m hoping it is indeed 4.10 next.

Well, nothing comes after 4.9; when Epic tries to release UE4.10, the world is going to implode.

Sorry guys, it’s been good while it lasted :frowning:

I would like to see Epic to skip the 4.9 version and go right to the 4.10 because of these questions, people ask this almost every day. You should put some neon blinking sign => Next Versions: 4.9,4.10,4.11 =< to the header of the forum :smiley:

They’ll probably go from 4.8.1 to 4.10.

Also interested in the 4.bacon version.
Do someone have a preview of the features list ?
faster on baking things ?

Well, this all sounds good, but I have some questions:

Can this version then also be localized? Canadian bacon, mexican bacon, etc?
Can you add a global world rotation for when you bake it into the level, so the grease can drip off (like a George Foreman plugin) ?
Will the decal actor support the grease-stained mode?
Will there be a tofu version in the experimental category?

Epic said they no longer want to keep advanced versions of the engine in-house, so we’re not going to get a 5.0 for a very long time. That’s for the best: all their efforts can be concentrated on improving the engine we all see.

I guess the physics processing for this may be too heavy.

Thanks for the laughs. The Microsoft approach…