I was supposed to be granted access to the PS4 development forums but I "do not have permission to access this page"?

I registered as an Unreal Engine 4 developer, I have the console source code, however, I was told that I would be granted access to the development forums for PS4 but never was granted access. How should I proceed?

Hey there,

Can you provide any information you can on your account? I’m not seeing an FTP account for HollowCam.

E-mail: HollowCam97@hotmail.com

Our business name is: ARC Space

Our access Case ID (not sure if this is supposed to be public info) was: 5348***

My setup support contact was Joe.

Please let me know if I can provide anything else.

Hey HollowCam,

It looks like the forum access was granted to your developer email that was sent from Sony: ***@darkroad.us.

Because of security purposes, when console access is requested, the email that is stated in the developer confirmation is granted access to the console forums. If you login to your Darkroad account, you’ll find the Playstation forums enabled.

Let me know if you have any questions!

That works, and granted access, thank you!