I want to walk around inside a static mesh like a hamster in a ball. World Transform?

I would like to create a stomach churning or mind bending effect for a ‘between worlds’ level. I’d like the player to be able to walk around inside the environment without up or down reference points. I’d then fill the area with things like twisting bridges, fog, which will be hopefully vertigo inducing.

The best idea I have right now is to transform the whole level around the player, so gravity remains intact. I used to do this accidentally sometimes when i wrote my own engine, so i hope this will be easy.
So in theory I can just pull the normal from the floor, and do a matrix transform against world space, then to s ‘Set’ on world space. Though, really not sure if Unreal lets you mess with the worldspace directly.

I can stylistically remove sharp corners so the normal to normal tangent isn’t too harsh. Maybe lerp between this normal and the last one to smooth the movement a bit.

Thoughts? Open to other ways to make break the players mind in an ‘inbetween dimension’ (Transition map)

Disclaimer : I’m good with C++, but I’ve picked a blueprint based game mode… and I’m not good with blueprint API’s yet. Feel free to tell me it’s out of my league for now.

Unless you want to write a whole different pawn any physics dimension, it might be easier to distort the level around the player with a post process. This market place product does it

Also, this is about it

This is actually the opposite of what I was looking for, as I wanted to run around a static mesh with normals flipped inwards. But, it does make me wonder as to what would happen if I built a level with this that has a roof, raps up and down, and created a curved 3d maze with it.
Then add this : UE 4 Minutes TUTORIAL - How to make Vertigo Effect, Dolly zoom. - YouTube
Maybe add something chasing you and I can get the player feeling a bit seasick in the transition map.

I’m assuming you can get the inside of a sphere feeling just by coding it slightly differently…