I want to show/hide buttons within a BP widget

I have a simple menu blueprint with 3 buttons. Select Level1, select Level2 and exit.
Right now its working just fine to load each level.
I want to have the other buttons become hidden, So if Level 1 is selected, the buttons for Level2 and Exit should hide while the level is loading.
In the BP graph, I’ve tried dragging in a setter for the button and connecting it to a set visibility set to hidden, but that doesn’t seem to work.
Thanks for any help.

When you select a button, there is a ‘visibility’ option on the right panel.

When you select Level 1, set a boolean for it. After that, set other buttons’ visibilities to ‘not’ that boolean.

Yes, I see the visibility option. All buttons are initially set to visible.
Not sure what you mean by setting a boolean for it. I can’t fins that in the BP graph. I’m new to working with BP.

I was trying to do something like the attached.

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In this blueprint, try to put a 0.1 - 0.2 seconds delay before ‘open level’.

Well cool. That seemed to do it. Thank you.
Next, however, I thought it’d be nice to add a spinner. So in the design tab i added a “circular throber” that is initially set to “hidden”, that I unhide in the same manner that the buttons are hidden.
It shows up and starts spinning, but once the delay is over and the Level begins to load, the spinning stops. It all remains onscreen, but no spinny.
Is there a way to keep it going while the level is loading? Assign it to another thread maybe?

When a level is opening, animations on the screen stops. You need to do level streaming for those animations or loading percentage progress bar. I don’t have knowladge about that.

I’ll dig into that.
Thanks for your help.