I want to set movement mode to walking if Character hit ground

I want to do if I press num 8(Flying mode), character ascend, if press num 2 and hit ground, Movemnt Mode set to Walking

You certainly don’t need to use Tick for that.
If you’re in Flying and you hit something, use the Hit event. Figure out what you hit, and if it’s ground, then switch to walk?

Or if “down” means to switch to “Falling” then you get the Landed event when you hit the ground (and it would return to walking automatically if that’s your default)

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Seems like falling or is moving on ground dont work if in Movement mode - Flying, but work in Mov mode - walking, my character landed and get no notification

In here i set press F to change mov mode and print; Press G if on ground and print,
On ground only detect when in Walking but not flying
Or … perhaps if my actor descend until there`s no downward motion anymore, then change to walking

Yes, you can’t be “on the ground” or “falling” if you’re in flying, it doesn’t make much sense. If you’re on the ground, you’re walking, and if you’re falling, you’re not flying, or falling.

Regardless of what movement mode you’re in, you should be receiving a Hit event when you hit something. If you’re in Falling and you stop falling, whatever you hit will cause a Landed event.

i`ll try