I want to replace the mesh on the simple car in the tutorial, every mesh I find either makes the car tiny or aligns it improperly?

  • Here is the car that I want to replace the car in the tutorial with:


  • http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/pride-54576.html
    [Download Link][2]
  • When I replace the mesh, the car turns tiny and turned 90 degrees, when i run it, it starts flipping.
  • I don’t have any 3d max type software installed and my internet connection is 3mbs
  • I’m unfamiliar with 3d software, and no idea what to do to fix this.
  • Maybe somebody can make a video about this, I tried downloading 4 different meshes and non of them are optimized for this.
  • Here is what it looks like in 3D Viewer, any suggestions on what software to use to fix, align it?
  • Do I also have to scale it since it’s 1/5 the size when I import it into UE4