I want to record my gameplay to make trailer. Please help

I want to record my gameplay to make trailer without use software like fraps, bandicam

because i’m try to use fraps, bandicam but video very low quality.

Please tell me how to record hd gameplay.


buy a real recording tool that is actually not old :smiley:
Fraps is old and dont work
But there is a ton lot of more tools!

Try google it :3

If you have a nvidia graphics card I can recommend nividia shadowplay (part of GeForce experience). Video quality is ok, you can check out our greenlight trailer for AIPD or the Guardians video for the Megajam, as a reference.

As far as I know, there is a video capture hardware (both internal and external variants for PC). It may provide the best video quality, but obviously it costs much more than Fraps :slight_smile:

MSI afterburner does recording pretty well. It’s free and has no annoying watermarks either. Quality seems alright as well with the right settings.
I used to use that, but now I use NVidia Shadowplay myself after getting a newer NVidia graphics card.

Shadowwork is decent consider it is free. Free a bit chunky, but you cannot complain about free stuff.

this is a really old post but i thought i would offer some options incase someone reads this post looking for options.

I have used OBS and plays.tv and i feel plays.tv was the easiest to setup and configure. has great quality when the settings are turned up. OBS looks great too but didn’t seem like something a newbie would want to tinker with.

I just use OBS.

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Use NVidia ShadowPlay (Nvidia card users)
Use AMD ReLive (AMD card users)
Use OBS Studio
Use Xsplit (Gamecaster/Broadcaster)
Use Windows 10 Xbox (Windows Key + G)
Use Play.tv

I use Xsplit. Currently testing AMD ReLive.

NVIDIA ShadowPlay is awesome, and has next to zero impact on framerate. The reason is that most desktop cards have built-in video circuitry that doesn’t compete with the GPU rendering, and the framebuffer is already available on the card for reading by the encoder, so only the complete, compressed stream needs to be read back from the card. I really like it!
One drawback is that, if you’re using laptop graphics with Optimus, you can only efficiently record full-screen apps, because the main Windows desktop is rendered and displayed by the Intel graphics.

The only option better than that is to get a HDMI capture card, like a BlackMagic or Matrox, and record outside the computer. This requires a whole second computer. The benefit is that it lets you record everything 100% “hands off.”

The third option is to create each scene you want to capture as a Sequencer / Matinee playback (cut scene.) This may sound crazy, but it’s actually not that hard if your clips are short and if your actors are well-behaved (animate correctly based on movement, etc.)

Joyoshare VidiKit is my favorite screen recording tool. Sometimes my sis and I will use it to record games in 1080p for several hours and then upload to YouTube. It is much more powerful than other tools I used before I think. Maybe you could give it a shot.