I want to possess another pawn WITHOUT changing the camera angle...

In our game, we have an alien (player) who can possess a human (with a different class / camera component), and then be able to possess back to the original alien blueprint. My problem is when I possess to alien from human (or vice versa), the direction of the cameras change (both looking in separate directions). My question is how can you possess (back and forth between two pawns) while keeping the SAME direction/angle of the two different camera components?

This has to do with some math rotation I have no idea about.

-Both human and alien have separate camera components, yet derive from the same game character
-I want the transition to look seamless while each character maintains the same camera direction as each other.
-Both alien and human ALREADY transition between each other in the same exact spot (location)!
-I cannot use SetViewTargetWithBlend seeing as those only direct ACTORS (not camera components I believe).

Any help would be great, thanks!

Have you tried to turn off the “Auto Manage Active Camera Target” property (bAutoManageActiveCameraTarget in C++) from your PlayerController?

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If you don’t want the currently controlled character to affect camera maybe just don’t possess them? Just funnel input to them.