I want to posses a character using a button press

I’m currently attempting to create a game in which the player character can switch (posses) into another character within their view, triggered by a button press.

To simplify: Mouse over character—>press q—>posses character

I want it to be set so any character can be possessed (even different instances of the same character blueprint)
However, no tutorial has explained how to control any given character. Any suggestions?

This is my solution

Watch the screen shots if you get lost

1 make a new third person project

2 make a crosshair and move the third person camera by 70 in y

3 Open your third person bp

4 make an event (in your case the event wen Q is pressed) Then make an line trace by Chanel cast to third person character

5 If it is the Third Person character Call the node stop movement immediately

6 then call the node Posses

Some Extra Stuff That i Made

Ps: Should Work With Other Characters as well

Thanks Syler, this was a surprisingly helpful response. I’ll be sure to try that out.