I want to port the unreal engine and editor to android platform

Hi everyone, I has a ideal, that is I want to port the unreal engine and editor to android platform,
Is this worth it?
Now I am a software engineer in a content production company include 2D 3D animation and games.
So i am not sure that my boss support my ideal or not?
If he support that is a good one, if not, so port the unreal engine and editor to android platform should be slow or pause.
Or other people support my ideal, then I can focus on the porting.


I think that might be too big of a challenge, first of all Unreal Engine is ported to Android so i assume you just mean editor portion of it, there issue thru you can not distribute editor code, but for internal use you can same as you can normally modify and extend editor code.

In order to port editor you just not need not only to make it work but also concept lot of features as they been made for desktop use not with touch pad screen, technically creating new editor. There ofcorse huge limitation to overcome as mobile hardware is not as powerful as even laptop hardware. It huge feat to do and huge investment which you can not shear outside of studio, i don’t think boss will be sure about this either.

any good ideal or plan about porting unreal to android , could send me email xinmin.su@hotmail.com
This is a big project, need more people join.


should using x86 and NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android

You do know that asking for money to port an engine you don’t own without permission of the owners is asking for trouble, don’t you? Not to mention you announce it right on the Unreal Answer hub. Sure, technically you can use the Unreal Engine for free, but there is still such a thing as copyright.