I want to play a cutscene when I die

I feel like I might’ve asked this question before, but still I need to ask this cause this is really bugging me. I’m trying to play a Matinee cutscene when I die but for some reason I can’t get the cutscene in a regular blueprint. Only on level blueprints. I know how to play cutscenes when a level starts but trying to play a cutscene when I want doesn’t seem to work. Here’s a picture.


On the level blueprint I can get the cutscene to play at the start of the level.


But on the enemy’s blueprint, the Matinee isn’t recongnized and when I compile the blueprint, the Set Cinematic Mode node gets an error, probably has to do with (Target self). so yeah, I just can’t get the cutscene to play when he kills me.

So what can I do to make the cutscene play when he kills me?

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There are 2 ways to go about this:

  1. Inside your enemy Blueprint, on Begin Play, Get All Actors of Class and select Matinee. Filter by name or tag so you get the right Matinee to play. Create a local reference through a variable so, later on, you can play it when needed from within the Blueprint.

  2. Create a Matinee reference variable inside the Blueprint and expose it. Place your enemy in the level. Go to its details and find the Matinee reference variable. Open the dropdown and select the Matinee actor you want to play later. Inside the Blueprint, get the variable for the Matinee and play it when needed.

Solution 1 is probably cleaner and more flexible. Hope this helps!

The Target of Set Cinematic Mode should be the output of Get Player Controller.

It’s fine now though, I figured it out and got it to work. Thanks for your help!

It seems like it can work but it’s giving me an error on Set Cinematic Mode saying “This blueprint (self) is not a LevelScriptActor, therefore ‘target’ must have a connection.” So I can’t have target as self I need to connect it to something in order for this to work. What should I do?
Edit: Oh never mind I’m an idiot. I got rid of Set Cinematic mode and just used the Play node connected to the “get actors of all class” Matinee actor reference and played it normally and it worked! Thank you!

Cool! Well done.