I want to only affect a specific object inside a Blueprint with Post Process but It is Always Global

Hello, trying to make a small game.

For my item interaction I would like them to be highlighted when the player is able to interact with it.

Form the marketplace I’ve downloaded the ‘Advanced Cell Shading Lite’ pack and was satisfied with the effect. Now I have created a Blueprint with just a trigger box and a mesh (a book for example).

Once the player intersects with the trigger box the item should have the cell shading effect on it. However when I use the Post Process Component it will always affect the entire world, there is no volume to adjust and it appears to be only global.

I don’t really understand this, I’m able to use a Post Process Volume, externally (not inside the Blueprint) and make it encompass the mesh and this would works fine… however this would not be generic and therefore not an option.

Why do I not have any volume control for the Post Process Component in my Blueprint? I need this in order to make a generic Blueprint for Interacting with the environment, which would include that they have the cell shade effect on them once the player is close enough.

How can I do this? What are the alternatives if this is not achievable using a Post Process Component?

Thanks for your help!

Check out Post Process Materials, I don’t know for sure, but I think this may be the only solution.

Somewhere in this video, he explains how to use Post Process Materials to make oranges colored in an otherwise black and white render.

Try attaching a collision component and then attach your post process component as a child. If that does not work try making the collision component child of post process. I believe it has to be the first option though.

If this does not work, can you manipulate a level Post Processing Volume via blueprint that when character enters trigger box, it attaches the post-process volume to the triggered actor?