I want to move players fast for short distance

I want to dash to move a short distance at high speed by combining specific keys and direction keys, but it will not work. How should I do?

It should If Your flow does actually getting there . So Try to set breakpoints and just check it

No, unfortunately this BP has not reached it. I tried it many times.
Please give hints if there is any other way.

  1. First of all check if your tick is activated on this BP in it’s class defaults .
  2. Try to use sequence node to run your logic “parallel” to those collapsed graphs to avoid looking for mistake in them
  3. Use Print String to watch bool values while playing
    This logic should work [Desktop 2018 11 18 20 22 44 02 - YouTube][1]

Thank you very much. Only the movement process with button input succeeded. (For some reason my BP will output in the opposite direction unless the movement value is set to Minus)
(Since the player is moving in the air, the Z axis (height) was excluded)
However, it seems that the movement direction picks up only the X axis of the world coordinate instead of the movement direction (key input direction) of the player.
As a result, the movement only moves the X axis of world coordinates, but it seems that it is not possible to move according to the direction key input like the movie there.

OK , I see . U want to boost in a specific direction , but You have made a mistake in its calculation .

  1. You forgot to feed in you boost direction arrow component , as I can see
  2. And you need not its location but its forward vector - it is a normalized vector which you should multiply on value of your boost strength and then add this multiplied directional vector to your actor’s location.
    Like this
    [Desktop 2018 11 19 10 51 44 01 - YouTube][1]

Thank you very much. Thanks to you, you can do dash move as you want.
Thank you for your kind guidance.