I want to make a tutorial phase for my endless runner game


I am trying to make a tutorial phase for my endless runner game.
What i want:
The controls tutorials should only run once per system and the main game should start immediately after the game tutorials ends.
I could not find any videos online, if help anyone could help me with it or could provide me with a link, i would greatly appreciate it.

Save Game:

  • have a hasCompletedTutorial boolean flag in a save game object
  • when the game starts, load that save game object and query said flag
  • if false → run tutorial
    • once the tutorial has been completed, set the hasCompletedTutorial true → save game → run the game / first level
  • if true → run the game / first level

The exact same system is used for saving players’ progress, you may need it anyway and the flag could be incorporated into it. Even if you do not need to save the progress in this project, you’ll need it in the next one.

Hard to advise more without knowing how / when / where you start the tut / game.

Notable examples:

Do note these aren’t tutorials focusing on how to do the exact thing you need. Just an overall use of the default save game system that could easily achieve what you need.

Good luck!

Depending on how you want to create the tutorial line, an easy way would be to put some branch nodes to block/enable some controller inputs as progress and at the end give a Load Level to leave tutorial. You can also use what the answer indicated above and save your progress so you don’t have to repeat the tutorial. Something more complex would probably depend on some information, like what you intend to do and even the language you are going to use.

Some games prefer to leave control free and just set goals with information about what to do. For example, do you want to teach walking? Just indicate how he walks and put an “end point” for the player to walk to the point. So you could do that and just save the information and load another level. : )

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