I want to make a simple small island

I made an island in Cryengine and it was awesome. You really though you were on a beach. And then they changed the interface. Well that’s a whole other story. I want to make an Island using the New Unreal engine. I have been an Unreal fan since it came out ('98) The videos I have seen thus far haven’t helped. Can anyone recommend a good Unreal tute for making a nice Island so that I may come home from work and wander around on it. Not having to put on SPF 100. Heck, and then one day, get it going for Google VR

You’re going to have to look for tutorials for different aspects of it (there’s some good terrain assets in the marketplace). CryEngine had that in there because it was made for Crysis whereas UE4 is designed to support pretty much any type of game and isn’t geared so specifically.

If you start a new project, make sure to include the starter content as that comes with water material for a quick drag/drop ocean job. And then you can always peruse the forums and the academy section: