I want to make a game whit my friend but we can't go to geter in a project

How do I make a game with my friend because whe are on the same account but he can’t see the project

huh? well u gotta give him the project files. and then ask him to open it with his ue4. i recommend using Ue4 source control. and use github for that.

btw if u dont know what a source control is. it is basically so that every change u make goes on to a online server where you can track every single change and go back to older version whenever needed. with ue4 source control everytime you or ur friend makes a change it will basically update ur/his files.

Thank you but how I search a little bit on github but can you explain how it works

And how do I give him project filles

take a look at this… there are many other videos on youtube if you dont understand this one just search UE4 Source Control Setup : Git for UE4 / Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

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How does my freind open the project I can’t find that

Another good option would be to use File → Package Project → Zip up Project. Then send that zip to your friend, he could make changes then use the same zip functionality to send the project back to you. Make sure you both have the same version of the engine installed.